Recently I played ShadowCTF. Let’s see how I was able to solve few challenges.


All the cryptography challenges were awesome. ( Google search and Decodefr are my helping hands in Cryptography challenges.)


So let’s see what is inside “File”

Recently I participated in thecybergrabs CTF.

So let’s see how I was able to solve a few challenges.



So we have one JPG file. So first thought comes to my mind was to see the image metadata. So I used online metadata and EXIF viewer. (

So after a long time, I participated in CTF.

Let’s see how I was able to solve a few challenges.


1.Sanity check

So let’s go to the Discord page.

“Security is not merely a product, but a process” very well said by American Cryptographer Bruce Schneier.

Whether you are a small organization or a big organization Security is the biggest challenge nowadays. Governments are putting more weightage on data security by applying strict compliance/rules and due to an increase in cybersecurity attacks organization needs to have very good security mechanism implemented on their infrastructure.

Let’s understand what, why, how of infrastructure security assessment.

1) What

What is the infrastructure security assessment?

In simple words, we can describe it as

“ It is a method/way by which we are evaluating the security of different devices which are connected…

Recently I participated in Vulncon CTF, So let’s see how I was able to solve a few challenges.


1. Maze

So Let’s Open Given Link

Today Let’s learn about the “dirsearch” tool.

It’s one of the best tools I came across to brute force directories and files.

So let’s see what developers of the dirsearch say about their tool.

dirsearch gives the user the opportunity to perform a complex web content discovery, with many vectors for the wordlist, high accuracy, impressive performance, advanced connection/request settings, modern brute-force techniques, and nice output.

Let’s not talk much about dirsearch let’s see how to use it.


git clone…

What are Extensions

Tiny software programs that configure the browsing experience are extensions.

  • They allow users to adjust the features and behavior of Chrome to individual needs or preferences.
  • They are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Let’s build our first chrome Extension.

Step 1: Create a “manifest.json” file.

  • The manifest.json file contains important information that defines the extension.
  • Basic Structure of manifest file contains name, version, description, manifest_version like this
  • name : Name is the name of our extension which is visible to the users.

Let’s see how I solved some challenges.


Trivia 1

Cloud computing is where the resources on the network are not actually physical in nature.

  • They are provided to the user virtually.
  • This can lead to a very fluid and dynamic environment as required resources are normally only provisioned as needed and are decommissioned once their use is done.

Most often, these virtual resources are not owned by the company that uses them but are provided by a service provider

  • While cloud computing is highly configurable and changeable, it does have some basic structures that are used in the classification of the type of cloud that is in use.

Public cloud

Systems can interact with services and devices within the public cloud and on public networks and…

Recently I participated in MetaCTF 2020. I was running out of time because I have started solving challenges 2-hour before CTF ends. So due to that, I was able to solve a few challenges. Let’s see how I solved it


1.Crypto Stands For Cryptography

Given string:


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